English Conversation Practice 01

1. I am fifteen years old.
2. I am a Buddhist.
3. I am from Sri Lanka.
4. I am the youngest in the family.
5. I am still a student.
6. He is from Oxford University.
7. She is a music lover.
8. He is a non-smoker.
9. I am very strong. 
10. Kelley is still a bachelor.
11. Marina is still a spinster.
12. I am very sad over it.
13. Am I a nuisance to you.
14. Is he a doctor? Yes, he is a doctor.
15. Are they stupid? Yes, they are stupid.
16. Is Poly late today? Yes, she is late today.
17. Am I too early? Yes, you are too early.
18. They are very unlucky.
19. She is extremely pretty.
20. You are very handsome.
21. Monica is not so brave.
22. You are very careless.
23. I am not so mean.
24. She is not so fortunate. 
25. I am very fluent in English.
26. Am I not helpful?
27. We are very grateful to you.
28. She is very fond of me.
29. He is a great eater.
30. I am a poor eater.
31. Here is the balance.
32. The key is on the table.
33. He is very cruel.
34. It is a wastage of time.
35. I am very honest.
36. Why are you so dishonest ?
37. Rosy is very shy.
38. It is rather heavy.
39. Amanda is a charming girl.
40. Is Edward your brother? No, he is not my brother.
41. Is Lily a friend of yours? No, she is not a friend of mine.
42. Is the well deep? No, it is not deep.
43. Are they selfish? No, they are not selfish.
44. Are you a university student? No, I am not a university student.
45. Is this yours? No, it is not mine.
46. They are very critical about it.
47. Tomorrow is a holiday.
48. Is it ripe enough? Yes, it is ripe enough.
49. Is she serious about it?
50. Is he your cousin?
51. Isn't she one of your relatives?
52. Isn't it expensive?
53. It is very warm today.
54. Isn't it dirty?
55. You are elder to me.
56. Isn't it a risk?
57. The rice is a little soggy today.
58. Isn't Celina your best friend?
59. He is a little too much.
60. They are very courageous.
61. We are extremely generous.
62. You are extremely good.
63. Father isn't at home today.
64. She is not a baby in arms.
65. This well is shallow.
66. This is not the color I want.
67. He isn't sincere.
68. Sansi isn't in good terms with me now.
69. Is she serious about it?
70. You are very groovy today.
71. Tina is a very sensitive girl.
72. We are always willing to help you.
73. We are as human as others.
74. They are angry with me now.
75. Is that car durable?
76. Are they trustworthy?
77. It is similar to this.
78. I am aware of it.
79. It is a venomous snake.
80. You are not a small child now.
81. I am interested in reading.
82. She is dead.
83. He is a traitor.
84. I am down with fever today.
85. I am in a mighty hurry.
86. He is a villain.
87. You are a betrayer.
88. I am unable to come today.
89. This is a fertile land.
90. He is not in a position to attend the funeral.

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