English Conversation Practice 06

216. Do you speak English?
217. Do they laugh at me?
218. Does she tell lies?
219. Does he believe in ghosts?
220. Do I disturb you?

English Conversation Practice 05

186. There is a book on the table.
187. There are twenty children in the class today.
188. Is there a car at the gate? Yes, there is a car at the gate.
189. There is no water in the bottle.
190. There aren't any facilities in some remote schools.
191. Are there enough doctors to work in hospitals? No there aren't enough doctors to work in hospitals.
192. There is no room in my heart for you.
193. There are no mango trees in that garden.
194. There is a monastery in our village.
195. There aren't any mango left in the trees.

English Conversation Practice 04

131. I have to scold you.
132. She has to come today.
133. The principal has to punish them.
134. We have to face the reality.
135. You have to give up that idea.
136. I have some news for you.
137. I have no special liking to anything.
138. They have all comforts.
139. We have to get permission from our parents.

English Conversation Practice 03

111. I have two brothers.
112. I have a very bad cough.
113. She has a nasty cold.
114. He has a runny nose.
115. They have much money.
116. We have a class on Sunday.
117. I haven't lectures today.
118. She hasn't many friends.
119. I haven't any interest in that.
120. They haven't hostel facilities.

English Conversation Practice 02

91. Be honest.
92. Be kind to animals.
93. Be courageous.
94. Be a good leader.
95. Be a decent girl.
96. Be reasonable.
97. Be watchful.
98. Please be silent.
99. Be determined.
100. Be an eminent doctor.