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English Conversation Practice 20

421. I shall come in the evening.
422. We shall buy something for you.
423. Shall I bathe first?
424. Shall we give him a call?
425. Shall we go to see a film today?

English Conversation Practice 19

411. She had been crying a lot.
412. It had been spreading all over.
413. Had he been waiting for me? Yes, he had been waiting for you.
414. Amanda had been attending a mixed school.
415. He hadn't been telling a lie.

English Conversation Practice 18

401. I had been late.
402. She had been pretty.
403. He had been an army officer.
404. We had been watchful.
405. My friend had been a monk.

English Conversation Practice 17

391. He had posted the letter.
392. I had received your message.
393. Someone had taken my umbrella.
394. They had given him a warning.
395. She had not forgotten me.

English Conversation Practice 16

376. I was doing some work there.
377. They were walking along the beach.
378. She was whispering something to her friend.
379. It was thundering and lightening.
380. He was not loitering at the junction.

English Conversation Practice 15

366. I had to stay for an extra class.
367. They had to admit their fault.
368. We had to warn them.
369. Nelson had to give up that idea.
370. They had to lay down arms.

English Conversation Practice 14

346. I did not sleep well last night.
347. She didn't tell lies.
348. They didn't pester me.
349. We didn't call him.
350. Alex did not answer the last question.

English Conversation Practice 13

336. I came just now.
337. He left Japan yesterday.
338. We went to New York last week.
339. It rained heavily last night.
340. I knew such a thing would happen to him.

English Conversation Practice 12

316. I was ill yesterday.
317. We were thankful to them.
318. Edwin was a talented student.
319. She was very small those days.
320. Were you sad over it? Yes, I was sad over it.

English Conversation Practice 11

306. I have been waiting for you since morning.
307. She has been spreading it all over.
308. Mother has been cooking from morning.
309. We have been experiencing a dry weather since last month.
310. It has been raining from early morning.

English Conversation Practice 10

296. I have been busy.
297. She has been ill.
298. He has been a thief.
299. The patient has been unconscious.
300. We have been fortunate.

English Conversation Practice 09

271. I have left my watch at home.
272. She has misunderstood me.
273. Someone has spoilt the air.
274. The dog has dirtied the place.
275. We have not yet finished cooking.

English Conversation Practice 08

251. I am learning English now.
252. They are taking/having dinner.
253. She is doing some work at the moment.
254. He is making a keen effort.
255. It is raining cats and dogs.

English Conversation Practice 07

241. I can answer your question.
242. She can realize its value.
243. We cannot tell lies.
244. Can you give me your pen for a minute?
245. Can they win this election? Yes, they can win this election.

English Conversation Practice 06

216. Do you speak English?
217. Do they laugh at me?
218. Does she tell lies?
219. Does he believe in ghosts?
220. Do I disturb you?

English Conversation Practice 05

186. There is a book on the table.
187. There are twenty children in the class today.
188. Is there a car at the gate? Yes, there is a car at the gate.
189. There is no water in the bottle.
190. There aren't any facilities in some remote schools.
191. Are there enough doctors to work in hospitals? No there aren't enough doctors to work in hospitals.
192. There is no room in my heart for you.
193. There are no mango trees in that garden.
194. There is a monastery in our village.
195. There aren't any mango left in the trees.

English Conversation Practice 04

131. I have to scold you.
132. She has to come today.
133. The principal has to punish them.
134. We have to face the reality.
135. You have to give up that idea.
136. I have some news for you.
137. I have no special liking to anything.
138. They have all comforts.
139. We have to get permission from our parents.

English Conversation Practice 03

111. I have two brothers.
112. I have a very bad cough.
113. She has a nasty cold.
114. He has a runny nose.
115. They have much money.
116. We have a class on Sunday.
117. I haven't lectures today.
118. She hasn't many friends.
119. I haven't any interest in that.
120. They haven't hostel facilities.

English Conversation Practice 02

91. Be honest.
92. Be kind to animals.
93. Be courageous.
94. Be a good leader.
95. Be a decent girl.
96. Be reasonable.
97. Be watchful.
98. Please be silent.
99. Be determined.
100. Be an eminent doctor.

English Conversation Practice 01

1. I am fifteen years old.
2. I am a Buddhist.
3. I am from Sri Lanka.
4. I am the youngest in the family.
5. I am still a student.
6. He is from Oxford University.
7. She is a music lover.
8. He is a non-smoker.
9. I am very strong. 
10. Kelley is still a bachelor.