English Conversation Practice 05

186. There is a book on the table.
187. There are twenty children in the class today.
188. Is there a car at the gate? Yes, there is a car at the gate.
189. There is no water in the bottle.
190. There aren't any facilities in some remote schools.
191. Are there enough doctors to work in hospitals? No there aren't enough doctors to work in hospitals.
192. There is no room in my heart for you.
193. There are no mango trees in that garden.
194. There is a monastery in our village.
195. There aren't any mango left in the trees.

196. They can be honest.
197. He can be a clever student.
198. It may be true.
199. May Grace be late today? Yes, she may be late today.
200. You may be a distant relative of mine.

201. She must be a friend of yours.
202. We should be obedient to our parents.
203. I should be punctual always.
204. Should they be loyal to their school? Yes, they should be loyal to their school.
205. You must be impartial to the politics.

206. I always keep my promises.
207. He respects her a lot.
208. They look after our house.
209. She teaches us music.
210. Melvin worries about it.
211. They always gossip about others.
212. I like a frugal meal.
213. We generally hate such people.
214. He looks very busy these days.
215. We always admire his courage and bravery.

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