English Conversation Practice 20

421. I shall come in the evening.
422. We shall buy something for you.
423. Shall I bathe first?
424. Shall we give him a call?
425. Shall we go to see a film today?
426. You will learn a good lesson very soon.
427. He will realize/realise her value some day.
428. She will get angry with me, if I don't go.
429. They will suspect us.
430. He will not die soon.
431. Will she like this?
432. Will it bite me?
433. Will this cloth shrink?
434. Will this suit her? Yes, this will suit her.
435. Will he treat her well? No, he won't treat her well.
436. We shall not trouble you always.
437. We won't ask your help again.
438. I won't tell you anything in future.
439. We shall not go to their feet.
440. We won't come today.
441. I will go there in any case.
442. We will go and knock at the door.
443. You will make him more angry by doing this.
444. Shall we start eating then?
445. He won't believe what I said.
446. Shall I ask him to come?
447. Will you tell anyone else?
448. Will it rain tonight?
449. I won’t ask your help?
450. Won't you feel lonely without him?

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