English Conversation Practice 20

421. I shall come in the evening.
422. We shall buy something for you.
423. Shall I bathe first?
424. Shall we give him a call?
425. Shall we go to see a film today?

English Conversation Practice 19

411. She had been crying a lot.
412. It had been spreading all over.
413. Had he been waiting for me? Yes, he had been waiting for you.
414. Amanda had been attending a mixed school.
415. He hadn't been telling a lie.

English Conversation Practice 18

401. I had been late.
402. She had been pretty.
403. He had been an army officer.
404. We had been watchful.
405. My friend had been a monk.

English Conversation Practice 17

391. He had posted the letter.
392. I had received your message.
393. Someone had taken my umbrella.
394. They had given him a warning.
395. She had not forgotten me.

English Conversation Practice 16

376. I was doing some work there.
377. They were walking along the beach.
378. She was whispering something to her friend.
379. It was thundering and lightening.
380. He was not loitering at the junction.

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English Conversation Practice 15

366. I had to stay for an extra class.
367. They had to admit their fault.
368. We had to warn them.
369. Nelson had to give up that idea.
370. They had to lay down arms.

English Conversation Practice 14

346. I did not sleep well last night.
347. She didn't tell lies.
348. They didn't pester me.
349. We didn't call him.
350. Alex did not answer the last question.

English Conversation Practice 13

336. I came just now.
337. He left Japan yesterday.
338. We went to New York last week.
339. It rained heavily last night.
340. I knew such a thing would happen to him.

English Conversation Practice 12

316. I was ill yesterday.
317. We were thankful to them.
318. Edwin was a talented student.
319. She was very small those days.
320. Were you sad over it? Yes, I was sad over it.