English Conversation Practice 12

316. I was ill yesterday.
317. We were thankful to them.
318. Edwin was a talented student.
319. She was very small those days.
320. Were you sad over it? Yes, I was sad over it.
321. Was Mandy friendly with him? No, she was not so friendly with him.
322. Weren't they at home? No, they weren't at home.
323. I was only thirteen then.
324. Jennifer wasn't in our class.
325. It wasn't very deep.

326. She had a good voice.
327. We had many friends.
328. Had they much money? No, they hadn't much money.
329. Had you a serious problem? No, I didn't have a serious problem.
330. Did he have a good reputation? Yes, he had a good reputation.
331. Did she have a doubt about it? No, she didn't have a doubt about it.
332. Michael had no son.
333. They had no house to live.
334. The cycle had no brakes.
335. We hadn't enemies.

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