English Conversation Practice 14

346. I did not sleep well last night.
347. She didn't tell lies.
348. They didn't pester me.
349. We didn't call him.
350. Alex did not answer the last question.
351. Didn't he give you anything?
352. Didn't you all have classes today?
353. Did the carpenter repair the table? Yes, he repaired it.
354. Did Natalie take a correct decision? No, she didn't take a correct decision.
355. Did they laugh at you? No, they didn't laugh at me.
356. Did Grace look after her parents well? Yes, she looked after her parents well.
357. Did you give that message? No, I didn't give that message.
358. Did she tell him anything? No, she told him nothing / she did not tell him anything.
359. I met him the other day.
360. Did you get angry for such a little thing?
361. I tore it into pieces.
362. I simply said it.
363. Didn't you meet him on the way?
364. Father got rather annoyed.
365. She shrugged her shoulders when I asked it.

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