English Conversation Practice 03

111. I have two brothers.
112. I have a very bad cough.
113. She has a nasty cold.
114. He has a runny nose.
115. They have much money.
116. We have a class on Sunday.
117. I haven't lectures today.
118. She hasn't many friends.
119. I haven't any interest in that.
120. They haven't hostel facilities.

121. Has Jason a pleasant voice? Yes, he has a pleasant voice.
122. Have they a clear vision? No, they haven't a clear vision.
123. Have you good qualifications? Yes, I have good qualifications.
124. Has it a tempting look? Yes, it has a tempting look.
125. Haven't you got a mouth to talk?
126. Do you have a doubt about it? Yes, I have a doubt it.
127. Does she have enemies? Yes, she has enemies.
128. Do they have many facilities? No, they don't have many facilities.
129. Doesn't Sam have anything to eat? No, he doesn't have anything to eat.
130. Don't you have any relations there? No, I don't have any relations there.

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