English Conversation Practice 04

131. I have to scold you.
132. She has to come today.
133. The principal has to punish them.
134. We have to face the reality.
135. You have to give up that idea.
136. I have some news for you.
137. I have no special liking to anything.
138. They have all comforts.
139. We have to get permission from our parents.
140. I haven't any idea about that.
141. We haven't a house of our own.
142. Have you got any money with you?
143. Has Christina got an extra pen with her?
144. Do I have anything to eat?
145. Haven't you got a brain to think?
146. Haven't you got any common sense?
147. Hasn't Jason got any sense of shame?
148. Haven't you got any sympathy towards other people?
149. He has asthma and rheumatic pains.
150. She has measles.
151. She has two kinds.
152. He has a queer nature.
153. He has bad temper.
154. Sam has a very pleasant nature.
155. Thomas has good qualities/virtues.
156. He has a sweet personality.
157. He has lot of influence.
158. He has his own whims and fancies/moods.
159. It has a good smell.
160. It has a glossy shine.
161. It has some defects.
162. It has a ferocious look.
163. He hasn't any brains.
164. He hasn't any self-respect.
165. She hasn't any manners.
166. She hasn't any interest.
167. Has he got any idea about you?
168. Has he got enough money to spend for everything?
169. Has she got a class in the degree?
170. Has he got any malice/grudge towards you?
171. Have you got the necessary qualifications?
172. Has she got any hope of going abroad?
173. Hasn't he got any fear of getting caught?
174. Hasn't he got a good reputation?
175. The story hasn't any relevance to our day today life.
176. It hasn't any clarity.
177. He has got a vague/poor memory.
178. It has got a fascinating look.
179. Everyone has his own way of doing things.
180. No one has smooth/trouble-free life.
181. Hasn't he any command over them?
182. Hasn't she any control over her children?
183. She has got a keen sight.
184. Hasn't he any authority to dismiss them?
185. Nobody has a perfect memory.

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