English Conversation Practice 06

216. Do you speak English?
217. Do they laugh at me?
218. Does she tell lies?
219. Does he believe in ghosts?
220. Do I disturb you?

221. I don't apply powder.
222. Cathy doesn't eat beef.
223. We don't tell them everything.
224. Jessica doesn't help me at all.
225. They don't bother me.
226. Do they scold you? Yes, they scold me.
227. Does Sandra like you? No, she doesn't like me.
228. Doesn't she suit him at all? No, she doesn't suit him at all.
229. Don't you feel lonely at home? No, I don't feel lonely at home.
230. Does he always talk ill of others? Yes, he always talks ill of others.
231. I rarely meet him now.
232. You never correct his mistakes.
233. He sneaks to everyone.
234. It doesn't fall on a holiday.
235. She doesn't seem to realize.
236. Do you read English books and papers?
237. Does he confide in everyone?
238. Don't they try to ignore us now?
239. She grumbles over little things.
240. He doesn't explain anything in detail.

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