English Conversation Practice 08

251. I am learning English now.
252. They are taking/having dinner.
253. She is doing some work at the moment.
254. He is making a keen effort.
255. It is raining cats and dogs.
256. Are they misleading you? No, they are not misleading me.
257. Is Kevin disturbing her? Yes, he is disturbing her.
258. Are you looking at him? No, I am not looking at him.
259. Isn't he taking up the exam this year?
260. Aren't they trying to deceive us?
261. She is always dreaming.
262. They are always gossiping.
263. Am I bothering you?
264. Are they going to marry soon?
265. Father is going to Colombo tomorrow.
266. I am expecting you tomorrow.
267. Is Linda coming home for the weekend?
268. Is it itching?
269. Those boys are loitering there.
270. Aren't you enjoying your holiday?

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