English Conversation Practice 09

271. I have left my watch at home.
272. She has misunderstood me.
273. Someone has spoilt the air.
274. The dog has dirtied the place.
275. We have not yet finished cooking.
276. Amanda hasn't told you a lie.
277. Have you seen me before this? No, I haven't seen you before this.
278. Has Brenda finished her studies? Yes, she has finished her studies.
279. Many flowers have bloomed today.
280. I have already compiled the question paper.
281. The rain has not yet ceased.
282. The police have arrested the culprit.
283. He has committed suicide.
284. She hasn't given me the correct address.
285. Some flowers have wilted.
286. The teacher has come in time.
287. Hasn't he fulfilled his promises?
288. Haven't you received the letter yet?
289. Has Edwin got the highest marks at the exam? Yes, he has got the highest marks at the exam.
290. Someone has charmed that girl.
291. Have you ever eaten beef? No, I have never eaten beef.
292. Has Patrick ever scolded you? No, he has never scolded me.
293. It has rained last night.
294. The glass has cracked.
295. Has the rice got burnt?

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